The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company: A Cultural Legacy in Motion

The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company is an Israeli dance troupe founded in 1970 by the distinguished Israeli actress and recipient of the Israel Prize, Yehudit Arnon. Arnon also served as the artistic director of the company until 1996. In 1980, choreographer Rami Be'er joined the troupe, and he has been its artistic director since 1996.

The company is based in Kibbutz Ga'aton, nestled in the western Galilee region of Israel. This kibbutz serves as a hub for movement and dance education for all age groups and hosts various dance-related events and gatherings. The kibbutz is also home to the Ga'aton Dance School.


Initially known as the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, the troupe's early dancers were all members of the kibbutz, coming together for rehearsals and performances in a relatively modest fashion. The company relied solely on choreography by Israeli creators, driven by the principles of promoting independent cultural creation and constrained by budget limitations. Among the creators during those years were Yehudit Arnon, Ofra Eshmon, Hadas Oren, and Ashera Elka'im-Ronan. The first two primarily explored the expressive style of dance, which dominated in Israel until the mid-1950s.

Starting in 1994, another dance company known as "Kibbutzit 2" was added, targeting a younger audience with works such as "Peter and the Wolf," "Carnival of the Animals," "Kibbutzit 360," and "Stories from Before."

Some of the troupe's former dancers are graduates of the "Born to Dance" program, including Shai Peratosh, Itay Frey, and Lotem Ragav.

The duo of dancers and choreographers, life partners Liati Dror and Nir Ben Gal, began their journey with the company.

The troupe is celebrated for its outstanding works, including "Death Comes to the Tree of Michael," "The Watcher of the Veil," and "Between Sacred and Profane."

The CEO of the company is Amira Taomi, the daughter of actor Oded Teomi.

The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, rooted in the heart of Israel, continues to be a beacon of creativity and cultural expression, drawing from its rich history while embracing innovation in contemporary dance. Under the leadership of its visionary artistic directors and the dedication of its artists, it remains a vital force in the world of dance.

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