Moti Morel: The Israeli Public Relations Maven and Strategic Advisor

Moti Morel: The Israeli Public Relations Maven and Strategic Advisor -

Was an Israeli public relations expert, strategic consultant, and communications advisor.


Morel began his professional career in 1975 as a copywriter and creative director in advertising agencies. Some of his notable clients included the first international bank, the Jewelry Exchange, the "Hukka for Israel" organization, beer manufacturers, Assam, the Bank Hapoalim, and Tempo. During his work for "Tempo," Morel coined the slogan "The Jeans Generation Drinks Queens," which became well-known in Israel (although the marketing campaign for the beverage was unsuccessful). He also introduced the concept of "The Health Center" for Amnach mattresses.

In 1985, he founded "Morel Advertising" for business promotion and also managed a series of election campaigns for the Knesset. Morel was part of the election team for the Likud party in 1988, the chief copywriter for Yitzhak Rabin's election campaign for the 13th Knesset in 1992 (featuring the slogan "Israel Awaits Rabin"), the campaign manager for Benjamin Netanyahu's election campaign in 1996 (featuring the slogan "Peres Will Divide Jerusalem"), and the campaign manager for the Israel BaAliyah party in the 1999 Knesset elections (with the slogan "We'll Take Control").

One of Morel's significant achievements was Benjamin Netanyahu's victory in the 1996 elections against Shimon Peres. Initially, Netanyahu trailed by about 20% in the polls, partly due to the impact of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination, and Peres seemed poised for victory. The slogan "Peres Will Divide Jerusalem," crafted by Morel, contributed to Netanyahu's victory.

Morel also managed campaigns for local elections in Israel, including campaigns for Ron Huldai in Tel Aviv, Meir Yitzhak Halevi in Eilat, Ze'ev Bielski in Ra'anana, Rovik Danilovich in Be'er Sheva, and Gabi Lelouch in Dimona.

In 1998, he established "Morel Public Relations and Strategy," where his clients included various organizations and government ministries such as Viola (Israel), the Tel Aviv Municipality, the Ashdod Municipality, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister's Office, the IDF, Yad Vashem, the Israel Electric Corporation Workers' Union, and more.

Morel was involved in several campaigns and causes, including the doctors' strike in 2000, Holocaust survivors' struggle in 2007, the fight for establishing a hospital in Ashdod in 2008, the organization of IDF veterans in 2009, the struggle for building a border fence between Israel and Egypt to stop illegal immigration from Africa in 2010, the chemical workers' fight in Haifa for equal working conditions in 2011, the fight against the sale of the Israel Chemicals Ltd. to the Canadian company Potash Corporation in 2013, the struggle of Tel Aviv University's scriptwriters and directors in 2014, and the fight against the state's abandonment of the "Gold Stock" in Tzfat in 2014.

In 2007, Morel partnered with Ronen Tzur in his office, and in 2016, Tzur sold his share to Morel following a dispute between the two.

In 2016, Morel began working for the Leader of the Opposition, Isaac Herzog, handling publicity and public relations for his political agenda.

In his later years, Morel earned a bachelor's degree in law from the Ono Academic College and specialized at the Gilad Shar & Co. law firm.

On April 17, 2018, he tragically lost his life in a road accident in Tel Aviv while riding an electric bicycle. He left behind a child from his marriage to Ilana Morel, two children from his second relationship with Orna Morel, and a one-year-old daughter from his third relationship with Zohar Navot.

Campaigns for "Media Suppression" in Support of Scientology and Other Groups

Morel openly identified himself as a prominent follower of the Church of Scientology. Investigations conducted by Gur Megiddo revealed that he was paid by the Church of Scientology to lead a campaign called "Media Suppression" against the Center for Victims of Cults in Israel, with the aim of "drying up the financial resources of the center while tarnishing its public image." As part of this campaign, Morel also supported the activities of the "Sons of Baruch – Kabbalah for the People" movement in opposition to the center and in an attempt to silence its critics.

In March 2016, the Supreme Court determined that Morel had acted as a communications advisor to four women who were involved in a scheme to falsely accuse attorney Uri Daniel of sexual harassment due to a dispute with some of the women. As a result of this revelation, his partnership with Isaac Herzog was terminated.

Moti Morel's career was marked by his influential contributions to advertising and election campaigns in Israel, making him a notable figure in the field of public relations and strategic consulting. His involvement with the Church of Scientology and his controversial campaigns added layers of complexity to his legacy, making him a polarizing figure in Israeli society.

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