Jacob Achimeir: The Veteran Israeli Journalist

Jacob Achimeir's career as a journalist spans decades and has played a significant role in shaping Israeli media. His dedication to journalistic integrity, honesty, and in-depth reporting has not only informed the Israeli public but has also set a high standard for journalistic excellence in the country. As he enters a well-deserved retirement, Jacob Achimeir leaves behind a lasting legacy that highlights the enduring impact of journalism on society. His work has enriched public discourse and contributed to a culture of rigorous and principled journalism in Israel.

Jacob Shlomo Achimeir, born on July 21, 1938, is a prominent Israeli journalist, publicist, and a figure in Israeli television and radio. He was honored with the Israel Prize for Communication in the Hebrew year 5772 (2012) for his outstanding contributions to the field.


Jacob Achimeir was born in Ramat Gan in 1938, the son of Sonia and A.B. Achimeir. His father, A.B. Achimeir, was a prominent figure in the Revisionist Zionist movement and a leader of the Brit HaBiryonim, a right-wing radical faction.

Jacob's first name, Yaakov, was given in honor of the renowned Etzel fighter Yaakov Raz, while his middle name, Shlomo, pays homage to Shlomo Ben-Yosef, the first of the Olei Hagardom, Jewish underground fighters during the British Mandate in Palestine.

Growing up in Jerusalem, Jacob completed his education at the "Dvir" high school. He later served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the intelligence corps. Following his military service, he pursued higher education, studying general history and political science at the Hebrew University.

Journalistic Career

Jacob Achimeir embarked on his journalistic career as a writer for "Harut LaNoar" ("A Message to the Youth"). In the 1960s, he spent time in London, where he served as a broadcaster for the Hebrew broadcasts of the BBC, delivering daily short transmissions in the Hebrew language to Israel.

From the early 1970s onwards, Jacob Achimeir worked as a radio broadcaster at Kol Israel (Voice of Israel) and Channel 1, the first television channel in Israel. He hosted the program "HaYom HaZeh" ("This Day") and served as an interviewer and presenter on "Moked," a program that also saw him as an editor and presenter of "Yoman," a political diary show, and a political correspondent in Washington.

Over the course of his career, Jacob Achimeir extensively covered significant political events in Israel. Among these, he was present at Ben Gurion Airport when Egyptian President Anwar Sadat arrived in Israel on November 19, 1977, and he reported on the disengagement from the Gaza Strip in August 2005.

In the early 1980s, he became the television correspondent in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), and in 1986, he was appointed editor of the current affairs program "Mabat." His appointment came after a request from the office of Prime Minister Shimon Peres not to appoint him, as his brother was Shimon Peres's media advisor.

During the 1990s, Jacob Achimeir anchored several current affairs programs, including "Politika" and "Popolitika." He was also among the presenters of the program "Yesh Im Mi LeDaber" ("There's Someone to Talk To") on the Israel Defense Forces' Galatz radio station, which was later discontinued.

Even after the closure of the Broadcasting Authority and the establishment of the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, Jacob Achimeir continued to host and present the program "Roim Olam" ("Seeing the World") on Channel 11, which he had also presented during the days of the first channel. The final broadcast of "Roim Olam" aired on February 1, 2020, after which Jacob Achimeir retired. Until then, he occasionally hosted the program "HaBoker HaZeh" ("This Morning") on Channel 2. He also published articles in the opinion section of the newspaper "Maariv" and, in the second decade of the 21st century, in "Israel Hayom."

Awards and Honors

Jacob Achimeir's contributions to journalism have been widely recognized, and he has received several awards:

    1. Israel Prize Citation (Hebrew year 5772 / 2012): The Israel Prize for Communication recognized Jacob Achimeir as a founding figure in Israeli television. He has served in various roles throughout his career, including as a writer, editor, presenter, foreign correspondent, commentator, publicist, and documentarian. Achimeir has always maintained a strict separation between opinions and facts in his work. His journalistic style is characterized by its objectivity, depth, and broad perspective, serving as an inspiration and model for generations of journalists.

    2. Jerusalem Prize for Ethical Journalism (Hebrew year 5780 / 2020): Awarded for his role as a steadfast advocate of ethical journalism in public broadcasting, characterized by honesty, integrity, and a cool demeanor.

Personal Life

Jacob Achimeir is married to the writer and literary researcher Ora Achimeir, and they have a son and a daughter. His brother is the former Knesset member Yosef Achimeir. Additionally, he has a half-sister, Zeevah, from his father's first marriage.

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