Israel (Ezzy) Borovich

Israel (Ezzy) Borovich, born on June 30, 1941, is an Israeli businessman and academic. He served as a professor of management and information systems at Tel Aviv University and as the dean of the School of Management and Economics at Tel Aviv Academic College.

Until November 2008, he was also the chairman of the board of El Al Airlines. Borovich, together with his twin brother Dedi Borovich, owns the Borovich Group and controls Knafaim Holdings Ltd, which in turn owns El Al Airlines.


Borovich was born in Tel Aviv to Polish immigrant parents. He attended a school for the children of workers and later studied at the Kaduri Agricultural High School. He served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the Armored Corps, completed an officer's course with distinction, and was discharged with the rank of Major (Rav Seren).

Following his military service, Borovich traveled to the United States, where he obtained his undergraduate and master's degrees in industrial engineering at the University of California. He earned his doctorate in operations research at the Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1972, Borovich joined Tel Aviv University's School of Management as a faculty member. In 1980, his twin brother, Dedi Borovich, acquired Arkia Airlines, and Israel Borovich began overseeing the company's computer system. Eventually, he became the full-time CEO of Arkia. For his leadership, Borovich received the European Airline Forum's Honorary Award.

In 1998, Borovich and his wife's cousin, Tami Moses-Borovich, sold their stake in Granit Hacarmel to Mashav, receiving approximately $200 million. The transaction also involved Phoenix Holdings and Gilnakor. In 2006, the Azrieli Group acquired control of Granit Hacarmel.

In 2018, Borovich was honored with the title of "Yakir of Tel Aviv-Yafo," recognizing his contributions to the city.

Israel Borovich was married to Yael Borovich until her passing in 2019, and they had three children.

Control of El Al:

In January 2005, following prolonged negotiations regarding the privatization of El Al Airlines, control of the airline shifted from the State of Israel to Knafaim Holdings Ltd, owned by the Borovich brothers.

In April 2008, it was reported that in light of his brother Ezzy Borovich's planned retirement from his role as chairman of the board at El Al, the Borovich brothers, including Dedi Borovich, were in discussions to sell a portion of the airline to Ezzy Borovich, who would replace Ezzy as chairman of the board. However, this transaction did not materialize, and Ezzy Borovich announced that his brother did not meet the deadline for completing the deal.

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