Dedi Borovich

Dedi (David) Borovich, born on June 30, 1941, in Tel Aviv, is an Israeli businessman and one of the owners of the national airline, El Al. Borovich is widely recognized as an expert in aircraft leasing and financing. His career is marked by his military service, aviation ventures, and significant contributions to the Israeli aviation industry.

Early Life and Military Service:

Dedi Borovich volunteered for the Paratroopers Brigade during his military service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Within the paratroopers, he underwent rigorous training as a combat soldier. Following this, he completed a course for company commanders (Makim Hayar) in the Armored Corps. His dedication and military service earned him the rank of Captain (Sgan Aluf).

Military Operations:

During the Yom Kippur War in October 1973, Borovich served as a reservist in the elite Sayeret Golani unit of the 55th Paratroopers Brigade, commanded by Dani Matt. This brigade was the first to cross the Suez Canal during Operation Avirei Lev. Borovich's participation in this operation was part of his continued commitment to the Israeli military as a reservist, and he rose to the rank of Major (Sgan Aluf) during his service.

Entry into Aviation:

After spending four years working with "Flying Tiger Line" in the United States, Borovich was exposed to the aviation industry and developed an interest in it. In 1968, he established "Kanaf General Aviation," which later became a partnership known as Kanaf-Arkia. Subsequently, in 1976, he co-founded CAL Cargo Air Lines, specializing in cargo transportation.

In 1979-1980, as part of "Flying Tiger Line," Borovich established Metro International, an aviation leasing company. In 1980, he acquired Arkia, a domestic Israeli airline, and in 1993, Kanaf-Arkia was floated on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange as Kanfei Aim Ltd. In 2004, Borovich, along with his partners, completed the acquisition of El Al, Israel's national airline.

Personal Life:

Dedi Borovich is married to Tami Moses-Borovich, part of the prominent Moses family. He is also the twin brother of Professor Israel (Ezzy) Borovich, with whom he had business partnerships for many years. However, in recent years, the brothers have been in a dispute over the separation of their joint business activities within Kanfei Aim, which controls El Al Airlines.

Later Years:

In approximately 2014, Dedi Borovich's business activities declined due to health issues. His career has left a lasting impact on the Israeli aviation industry, and his involvement in both the military and aviation sectors is noteworthy.

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