Eliad Shraga: Champion of Government Accountability in Israel

Eliad Shraga has played a prominent role in Israel's legal and civil society landscape. His efforts in founding and leading the Movement for Quality Government have contributed to the fight against governmental corruption and the promotion of transparency and accountability in Israeli governance. Shraga's career has been marked by activism, legal advocacy, and public discourse, making him a notable figure in Israeli society.


Eliad Shraga, born on May 26, 1959, is an Israeli attorney and the founder and chairman of the Movement for Quality Government in Israel.

Eliad Shraga was born in 1959 into a family with deep roots in Jerusalem, spanning nine generations. On the other side, his family hails from the Ben-Gigi family, originally from Morocco. Shraga currently resides in Maccabim-Reut, is married to Dalit, and is the father of six children.

In November 1977, he enlisted in the Paratroopers Brigade and served as an officer attached to the Combat Engineering Brigade during the First Lebanon War. Following his release from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), he worked as a security officer at the Israeli Embassy in London, on behalf of the Shin Bet. Shraga advanced in the IDF reserves to the rank of Brigadier General and served, among other roles, as the commander of a reserve brigade in the Paratroopers Brigade. He also participated in the Second Lebanon War as a staff officer in the Home Front Command.

Shraga completed his undergraduate studies in archaeology, geography, and law at Tel Aviv University. He earned a second law degree from the University of California, Berkeley. In 2017, he completed his doctoral studies in law at the Hebrew University under the guidance of Prof. Barak Medina.

In 1991, he founded the law firm Eliad Shraga & Co.

In 2009, the first two volumes of a planned six-book series on administrative law were published, co-authored with attorney Ron Shachar.

In 2020, Shraga was selected as one of the one hundred most influential figures by TheMarker magazine.

Activism and the Movement for Quality Government

In 1990, Shraga was one of the leaders of the protest against government corruption in the wake of the "Filthy Exercise" scandal. He organized a hunger strike outside the President's Residence and demonstrated for the need to expose the coalition agreements to the public. Following this, he founded the Movement for Quality Government in Israel, aimed at combating governmental corruption through legal means. The movement focuses on praising those who have created a rule of law and fighting governmental corruption. It also operates a public hotline that handles hundreds of inquiries each year.

Shraga served as the chairman of the "Born Free" Association, which worked to secure the release of Ron Arad.

In December 2017, Shraga spoke at a demonstration on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. During his speech, he criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stating that "the story of the submarines is a stain on the homeland." He also criticized Member of Knesset David Amsalem, referring to him as "a weak, meandering hose." Shraga's speech received public criticism, with MK Amsalem accusing him of making racist remarks. Shraga initially denied making racist statements but later apologized to MK Amsalem. Shraga defines himself as a right-wing individual.

Controversy and Legal Issues

In October 2018, Shraga faced personal sanctions for provocative behavior and contempt of court during a legal process in which he represented the father of a conscientious objector. He was accused of attempting to undermine the legitimacy of the court and disrupt the revelation of the truth. The court verdict stated that "Advocate Shraga also actively prevented, knowingly and intentionally, the possibility of trying to end the protracted contempt of court proceedings."

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