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Ged Maor (1st of Elul, 5653 – 2nd of Adar Bet, 5714; August 1893 – 7th of March 1954) was a Zionist activist in the Land of Israel, a land redeemer, one of the founders of Netanya and Even Yehuda, a member of "Bnei Binyamin" (Sons of Benjamin), and the head of "Bank Bnei Binyamin." He was also a prominent figure in the citrus industry and the marketing of citrus fruits.

Early Life:

Ged Maor was born in Petah Tikva to Aharon Leib Maor, one of the pioneers and founders of Petah Tikva, and Chaya Sarah, the daughter of Asher Zelig Blum, who was also a founder of Petah Tikva. He attended the Pika School in Petah Tikva. In 1921, he married Efrat, the daughter of Aryeh Leib Gisin and Leah, nee Ostchinsky, who were residents of Petah Tikva.

Founding "Hanutah" and the Development of Netanya:

In 1924, Ged Maor, along with his brother Moshe Maor, Avraham Ben Ami, and others, founded the company "Hanutah." Through this company, tens of thousands of dunams of land were redeemed for agricultural purposes and urban development.

In the same year, the company redeemed thousands of dunams near the sea in the Sharon region, where the city of Netanya was established. At the initiative of "Hanutah," the British Mandate government drained the swamps in the area, making tens of thousands of dunams available for settlement. In 1930, "Hanutah" established "The Company for the Development of Netanya Ltd.," which was responsible for developing Netanya.

Among other achievements, "Hanutah" acquired extensive land in Yehud (Judea), about 2,000 dunams from the land of Tzafriya, where citrus orchards were planted, 7,000 dunams of land in the Sharon region, where Even Yehuda was founded, and 5,000 dunams from the land of Sha'araim for urban construction.

Citrus Farming and Marketing:

Ged Maor was also involved in the citrus farming and marketing industry. In 1932, he co-founded the "Bustan" (Orchard) Association of Citrus Growers with Peretz Pasquel. In 1939, he participated in the establishment of the "Citrus Syndicate" and served on its executive committee until 1946. In 1946, together with his brother Moshe Maor, he acquired "Hadaray Yaffo," a company for marketing citrus fruits. He was also a member of the management of the Farmers' Federation.

Government Service:

Maor served as the General Director of the Minority Affairs Ministry for about a year in 1948 and 1949.

He was an active member of "Bnei Binyamin" (Sons of Benjamin) and served as the chairman of the Bank Council of "Bank Bnei Binyamin."

Legacy and Passing:

Ged Maor passed away in Tel Aviv in 1954 and was buried in the Segula Cemetery in Petah Tikva. After his passing, streets in Netanya and Petah Tikva were named in his honor. His nephew, Yitzhak Maor, who was a professional footballer in the past, is named after him.

Ged Maor's contributions to land redemption, urban development, and the citrus industry played a significant role in the growth and development of the Land of Israel during his time. His memory lives on through the streets that bear his name and the legacy of his important work.

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