Avi Gil: A Diplomatic Career

Avi Gil: A Diplomatic Career -

Avi Gil, born on January 11, 1955, is an Israeli diplomat and former Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His extensive career in diplomacy and public service has spanned several decades, and he has made significant contributions to Israel's foreign relations.


Avi Gil dedicated most of his professional career to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He embarked on his journey in 1983 as the Deputy Chief of Mission and concluded it as the Director-General of the Ministry in 2001. In 1988, he began working in the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shimon Peres, and their paths remained closely intertwined since then.

Gil accompanied Peres in various roles, both as an advisor and a close friend, as well as in royal and public duties. Among his many responsibilities, he served as the Director-General of the Prime Minister's Office, the Deputy Director-General of the Peres Center for Peace, the Director-General of the Ministry for Regional Cooperation, and the Content Director for presidential summits.

Avi Gil holds advanced degrees from the Hebrew University in Political Science and from Harvard University in Public Administration, as part of the Kennedy Fellowship program.

As of 2019, Avi Gil serves as a senior fellow at the Institute for Jewish People Policy Planning (IJPP), alongside his role as a strategic advisor.

In March 2018, his book, "The Peres Formula: The Skill of a Secret Partner," was published, shedding light on the remarkable career of Shimon Peres from his perspective.

Avi Gil's dedication to Israel's diplomatic endeavors and his steadfast commitment to public service have left a lasting impact on the nation's foreign relations.

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