Boaz Davidson

Boaz Davidson is an Israeli film director, producer, and screenwriter known for directing and writing several successful films in Israel, including "Charlie and a Half," "Snooker Celebration," "Alex Is Lovesick," "The Troupe," and the film series "Lemon Popsicle."


Boaz Davidson was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and studied filmmaking in London, where he directed short films. He began his career in Israel as part of the "Lool" group and directed the television series "Lool" in 1969, alongside Uri Zohar. Following the success of the series, he directed the film "Shablul" in 1970, which was released in 1971 as "Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer." A year later, in 1972, Davidson directed "Azit the Paratrooper."

Davidson later transitioned into co-directing and co-writing comedy films, including "Charlie and a Half" (1974) and "Snooker Celebration" (1975), both of which became box office hits. In 1976, he directed "The Troupe," another successful comedy in a similar vein. He also co-wrote and co-directed the first four films in the coming-of-age comedy series "Lemon Popsicle" and directed "Alex Is Lovesick" (1986).

Davidson wrote the screenplay for the first Israeli action film, "Funny Israelis" (1978), in which he also acted. He co-starred with Yehuda Barkan in the action-comedy films "Camera Without Shame" (1988) and "Eating Out" (1989), which he also co-directed with Zvi Shissel.

In 1979, Davidson began working in the United States, influenced by Menachem Golan. Initially, he worked as a director in Hollywood but later chose to focus on producing and writing, allowing him more time with his family.

While most of his Israeli films fall under various comedy genres, in the United States, Davidson branched out into various genres, including action and thriller. Many of his American films were made for television. In 2006, he was involved in the production of the Hollywood film "Man of the Year," starring Nicholas Cage.

In total, Davidson directed 26 films, produced 79, and wrote 36 screenplays.

Personal Life

For many years, Boaz Davidson has been married to Bruria (Bibi) Davidson, an artist and painter who contributed to several of his films.

In the past, Davidson was married to the painter Batia Apel.

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