Behind the Bars

Behind the Bars -

"Behind the Bars" is an Israeli film from 1984, directed by Uri Barbash and based on a screenplay by Eran Preis and Beni Barbash.

The film's plot unfolds within a prison where Jewish and Arab inmates are incarcerated. The dynamics among the prisoners revolve around an uprising they organize against the prison authorities, while the prison administration tries to suppress and separate them.

The events within the prison, which serve as a microcosm of Israeli society, offer a critical perspective on the Israeli-Arab conflict and the role of the government in the dispute.

Additionally, the film delves into the daily life in the prison and highlights the leadership of Jewish inmate Uri (played by Arnon Zadok) and Arab security prisoners' leader Issam (played by Mohammad Bakri). "Behind the Bars" was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

The film also features Bazak Shraabi, who plays an inmate participating through a prison broadcast in the "Song of the Film," "Give Me Your Hand," with lyrics by Shmirit Or and music by Nurit Hirsh. The song became one of Bazak Shraabi's biggest hits.

In 1992, the Barbash brothers collaborated on a sequel, "Behind the Bars 2." This film continues the story of the prison inmates and depicts the cooperation between Uri (Arnon Zadok) and Issam (Mohammad Bakri) in their escape from the prison until the tragic end.

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