Amos Malka

Amos Malka, born on January 24, 1953, is a retired Israeli military officer who reached the rank of Aluf (Major General) in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He held various high-ranking positions in the IDF throughout his career, including commanding the Ground Forces Command (today known as the Ground Arm) and serving as the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate (Aman).


Amos Malka enlisted in the IDF's Paratroopers Brigade in 1972. During the Yom Kippur War in 1973, he fought as part of a unit within the IDF's 1st Brigade, operating in the Gidi and Mitla Passes. Following the war, he completed the IDF Officer's Course and progressed through various command positions within the Intelligence Corps, including company commander, battalion deputy commander, and commander of the 429th Battalion in the 211th Division during the First Lebanon War, where he was wounded.

Malka served as the commander of the 27th Division and the Sadeh Division 211. He is known for establishing the Menashe Brigade in the Jenin area during the First Intifada, making him the first officer in the Intelligence Corps to command a Territorial Defense (Bitachon Shoteh) brigade.

In addition, he led the Central Training Brigade of the Intelligence Corps (Brigade 460), where tank commanders and intelligence officers were trained. In 1992, Malka was promoted to the rank of Tat Aluf (Brigadier General) and was appointed to command a reserve division. A year later, he was appointed as the head of the Steel Formation.

In 1996, Malka was promoted to the rank of Aluf and assumed command of the Ground Forces Command (Mafakh-Hash, currently the Ground Arm), a position he held until 1998. In 1998, he was appointed as the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate (Aman).

Amos Malka retired from the IDF in 2002 and pursued a career in business. He founded the company AM-DASC, specializing in security consultancy and technological ventures. He also served as an external director at IDB Development Corporation and as a director at Bank Otsar HaHayal. In 2005, he was appointed chairman of ALBA, a leasing and finance company.

In January 2007, Malka became the chairman of Plasan Sasa, a company providing protection solutions for the local and international security market. He also served as the chairman of the board of directors of Logic Industries and as a director at NICE Systems, a cybersecurity and data analytics company.

Amos Malka's distinguished career in the IDF and subsequent roles in the business sector have made him a respected figure in Israel's military and security landscape.

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