Isidor (Ezzy) Dorot: The Man Behind Israel's Security

Isidor (Ezzy) Dorot: The Man Behind Israel's Security -

Isidor (Ezzy) Dorot (February 8, 1916 – April 9, 1980) served as the second head of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and as its deputy director.


Born in the city of Stanisławów in Eastern Galicia under the name Isidor Rot, he was the son of Golda (née Pahen) and Elchanan, a horse trader. He attended a local royal high school and immigrated to the land of Israel in 1936. Dorot worked in agriculture and studied Latin and ancient Greek at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He served in the Jewish Settlement Police and volunteered for the British Army in December 1940, serving during World War II as a platoon commander in the Second Jewish Brigade, earning him the nickname "Brig." Upon his release, he joined the SHAI (Sherut HaYediot Shel HaHaganah) – the intelligence service of the Haganah – and was known as "Dafni."

During his service, he was seriously injured in a car accident in Jerusalem. According to one rumor, the accident resulted from Dorot being shot in the back by members of the Lehi (Stern Gang) while investigating the assassination of Rudolf Kastner, causing the jeep he was traveling in to crash.

After the establishment of the State of Israel, he began working in the Shin Bet. He served as the deputy to Reuven Shiloah during the formation of the organization.

When Isidor Rot was required to change his family name, following the instructions common in government service at the time (at the request of David Ben-Gurion), he displayed his integrity by changing his name to "Ezzy Dorot" without hesitation.

In 1951, he embarked on a mission to Europe and was appointed as the head of the Shin Bet in September 1952, a position he held for one year. During his tenure, two members of the Security Service who were handling a listening device hidden in the worktable of Meir Ya'ari, one of Mapam's leaders, were apprehended.

Dorot led the operation alongside Isser Harel. According to their claims, they were concerned that left-wing elements within Mapam were secretly acting in favor of the Soviet Union, and they sought to monitor their activities. In contrast, Ya'ari contended that the wiretapping was politically motivated.

Between 1953 and 1963, he served as the deputy to the head of the Mossad, Isser Harel. During these years, he was involved in the capture of foreign agents operating in Israel and investigated cases such as the betrayal of Eli Cohen.

Upon Harel's retirement, following the affair of the German scientists in Egypt, Dorot retired as well. Afterward, he established an investment company called "Haran," which was involved in developing various projects throughout Israel.

Even after his retirement, Dorot remained fiercely protective of his privacy and never granted interviews. His name was not widely known until his passing.

Ezzy Dorot passed away on April 9, 1980, and was laid to rest in the Southern Cemetery. He left behind a wife and two sons.

Isidor (Ezzy) Dorot's life was marked by his dedication to safeguarding Israel's security, and his legacy endures as an influential figure in the nation's intelligence community.

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