Charles Bronfman - A Canadian Philanthropist and Businessman

Charles Bronfman's life has been characterized by his significant wealth, philanthropic endeavors, and his commitment to strengthening Jewish identity and connections to Israel among Jewish communities worldwide. His contributions have left a lasting impact on Jewish education and continuity.

Charles Bronfman, born on June 27, 1931, is a Jewish-Canadian heir and philanthropist, hailing from the illustrious Bronfman family, renowned for its involvement in the spirits business through the ownership of Seagram's. Bronfman continues to be involved in his family's business, and according to Forbes, he is worth $2.2 billion, ranking as the 18th richest person in Canada.

Life Story:

Charles Bronfman was born in Montreal, Canada, to Samuel (Sam) Bronfman, who immigrated from Serbia to Canada in the 19th century, and to Saidye. He was married to Andree (Andy) Bronfman until her passing on January 24, 2006. Since 2008, he has been married to his third wife, Bonnie.

Bronfman is widely recognized as a prominent philanthropist and contributor to projects promoting Jewish continuity. Among his many contributions, he established the Bronfman Foundation and made significant donations to the Birthright Israel program.

Birthright Israel offers young Jewish students and adolescents the opportunity to explore their Jewish identity and their connection to Israel through heritage trips. The Bronfman Foundation is also known in Israel as the "Keren K.R.B." based on Charles R. Bronfman's initials in English.

During his tenure, the Bronfman Foundation supported the implementation of the "Keren K.R.B." program to enhance Jewish identity among Jews in the diaspora and strengthen their bond with Israel. The Bronfman Foundation is renowned in Israel for its contributions to Jewish education.

Charles Bronfman's name became associated with the controversy surrounding Ehud Barak's political campaign when it was revealed that he was the primary donor to the "Robed" organization, which supported Barak's election campaign. Following a subsequent investigation conducted by the Registrar of Associations, Bronfman claimed that he was unaware of the prohibited activity.

Bronfman also owned the Montreal Expos baseball team until 1990.

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